- Black Friday 2023 -


It’s that time of year again folks. The Owl Central Games Black Friday Sale is back and we’re so excited to share what we have on offer this season!

Check out all of these items, plus tons of discounts across most items in the store! Black Friday prices and discounts will go into effect at 2pm on Friday November 24th. Special pricing will last through the following week and into the weekend with prices going back to normal on Monday December 4th. Just keep in mind, we don’t allow store credit or other discounts to be applied to any of our Black Friday sale items. Let’s see what we’ve got for each of our favorite games!

First of all, we’re offering 10% off ALL Trading Card Games singles! It doesn’t matter which game you play, singles are always the most affordable during this time of year. Now, this deal is only available if you come shop in our store, so keep that in mind! Put together your wishlist, come into the Game Center, jump onto one of our self-checkout laptops, build your order, and snag that discount!

Plus, it pays to stop by our store! For the length of our Black Friday sale, all premium singles (the ones in the showcases with the sharpied price tags) are going to be 20% off! These singles are not found on our website, so you can only snag these deals by stopping and shopping!

Everything you see below, you’ll be able to get in our store AND on our website, so spread the word and let your out-of-state friends and family know where to shop this holiday season!

Magic has sold so well for us this year that we don’t have an overabundance of high quality products to put on sale for you. So this year, we decided to go ahead and just offer 10% off ALL MTG Sealed Products! That includes commander decks, booster boxes, bundles, prerelease kits, booster packs - literally anything you can think of! 

Though there is one specific item that we have far too many of in our warehouse and that’s the Dominaria United Collector Boosters. We’re letting these go for only $15 per pack - so make sure to snag a bunch and get your playset of fancy Sheoldreds!
***Just Added*** - Lost Caverns of Ixalan Set Booster Boxes will be selling for $104.99!

The final Scarlet and Violet set of 2023, Paradox Rift just hit the shelves! I’m very excited to be offering discounts on these Booster Boxes this year! Snag em for only $99.99. We’ve also got the Pokemon 151 Ultra Premium Collections on offer for just $90 as well as this Fall’s Charizard EX Premium Collection box for 25% off!

This was a huge year for Yu-Gi-Oh! at Owl Central Games. Not only did we build an in-store play community and reinstate our OTS status, but it was also the game’s 25th Anniversary! To keep that party going, we’ll be offering both the 25th Anniversary Rarity Collection and the 25th Anniversary Tin: Dueling Heroes at some amazing markdowns. We’re throwing in last year’s Maximum Gold: El Dorado boxes as well for low, low price of $12, but the icing on the cake - ALL Yu-Gi-Oh! booster boxes will be 10% off!

Bright Lights, FaB’s newest expansion, will be 30% off! And ALL Blitz pre-constructed decks will be 33% off at $10 a pop!

Unfortunately, access to restocks for Lorcana is impossible to get our hands on, but we do have a decent selection of singles to choose from, and since all of our Lorcana singles are sharpied and in the case, that means that all Lorcana singles are effectively 20% off in our store!


We are proud to have some of the best prices on Games Workshop products around! Shop our continued awesome prices on Games Workshop products!

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