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02/12 MTG Casual Commander League @ 1pm

02/12 MTG Casual Commander League @ 1pm

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    The Casual Commander League now offers 3 different opportunities to play each week. Official League pods are available on the following schedule:

    Wednesdays @ 6:30pm
    Sundays @ 1pm + 4pm

    The League format is Multiplayer Commander. Pods will be built to accommodate groups of four or as close as possible. All players will receive 1 pack at the end of the game with the winner receiving 2 additional packs for a total of 3 packs to the pod winner. Players will also be able to complete In-Game Achievements to earn points that are redeemable for store credit at the end of the game. Each Achievement point is equal to $1 in store credit. Points will also be tracked weekly and prizing will be awarded to the Top 5 point holders for the calendar month!

    Important Note: Should a player participate in more than one official league pod per week, their highest achievement point total will be applied to their weekly League record. Sunday will be considered the final day of the week. For example, Wednesday the 11th counts towards the same League week as Sunday the 15th.

    Players must be present and registered no later than 5 minutes before the event start-time. This allows your pod organizer to get pods organized to start the event on time. If you anticipate arriving slightly behind, you must call the Game Center and notify the tournament organizer to see if accommodations can be made. Those who don’t call and who arrive late, will not be able to participate in official league play.


    At the end of the game vote on the back of your scorecard for the sportsmanship award. The winner gets +1 point.

    +2/ +1 / +1 / +1 Where You Finished (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)

    +1 Reducing an opponent's life total to exactly 1

    +1 Deal combat damage to each other player in your pod during the same turn

    +1 Commander First Blood (Be the first player to deal commander damage)

    +1 Save another player from losing

    +1 Significant Others: Play with Partnered Commanders (Use 2 commanders that both have the "partner" or "partner with" ability)

    +1 Groundhog's Day: Control a Beast creature or a creature with shadow.

    +1 Stuck on a Phyrexian Feeling: Deal Combat Damage with a creature with the ability Toxic.

    +1 Avenge the Fallen: Destroy/exile a creature controlled by an opponent that had destroyed/exiled one of your creatures since your last turn.

    +1 The Deckbuilder's Folly: Play a land each turn for 5 consecutive turns

    -1 Destroying/exiling 4 or more lands at the same time/with the same effect

    -1 Repeating an infinite loop 5+ times

    -1 Killing everyone in the same turn

    -1 Killing a player before the 5th turn cycle

    -1 Searching for 40 seconds (and ever 30s after)*

    -1 Taking more than 2 extra consecutive turns*

    *All achievements can only be obtained once unless noted as repeatable.

    Month’s End Prizing for League Leaderboard

    1st Place = 10 Draft Packs of the current standard set + Playmat*

    2nd Place = 10 Draft Packs of the current standard set*

    3rd Place = 8 Draft Packs of the current standard set*

    4th Place = 5 Draft Packs of the current standard set*

    5th Place = 3 Draft Packs of the current standard set*

    *Draft Packs can be exchanged for the equivalent in store credit.

    For any questions regarding event details, please message Owl staff on our Discord Server, reach out on Facebook or Twitter, or send us an email at events@owlcentralgames.com



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