Jumpstart Wars event this Saturday, October 1st starting at 1pm!
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10/01 DMU Jumpstart Pack Wars! @ 1pm

10/01 DMU Jumpstart Pack Wars! @ 1pm

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    Join us for Owl Central Games’ first ever Jumpstart Event! We’re excited to present a fun and unique in-store play opportunity alongside the release of Dominaria United Jumpstart.

    First, a primer on how the Jumpstart Format works. A Jumpstart Pack contains 20 cards including basic lands. A Jumpstart Deck is a 40 card deck composed of two Jumpstart Packs. Playing a game of Jumpstart requires only that you open two Jumpstart Packs, mash them together, and play against an opponent who has done the same.

    Here is how our Jumpstart Event works:

    At the start of the event, participants will be seated and will all receive four (4) random Dominaria United Jumpstart Booster Packs. Then, there will be a total of 6 rounds of gameplay. Each round is 30 minutes and best-of-one. 

    Before the start of Round 1, you must choose two of your four packs. Combine them to create the Jumpstart Deck that you will use for your first 3 rounds. You will have 10 minutes to open two packs, sleeve your deck, and shuffle up. Keep the other two packs aside, as you may not use them during your first 3 rounds.

    Players will then play 3 swiss-paired rounds with their first Jumpstart Deck.

    Before the start of round 4, players will set aside their Jumpstart Deck from the first 3 rounds. They will then open their last two Jumpstart Packs to construct a new Jumpstart Deck. You will again receive 10 minutes to sleeve up your deck and shuffle up.

    Players will then play the final 3 swiss-paired rounds with their second Jumpstart Deck.



    Players will receive 1 Dominaria United Jumpstart Booster Pack for each round win. If you receive no wins, you will still receive a pack for participating!

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