Jumpstart Wars event this Saturday, October 1st starting at 1pm!
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10/08 Unfinity Launch Party (Draft) @ 2pm

10/08 Unfinity Launch Party (Draft) @ 2pm

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    Owl Central Games is celebrating the release of Unifinty with a one-time only Booster Draft!

    Date: Saturday 10/08

    Time: 2pm

    Entry Fee: $20

    This event is capped at 16 players.

    Each participant will receive three Unfinity booster packs and will be seated in draft pods of 8 players, or as close to 8 players as possible.

    Players will then have 50 minutes to draft and construct their minimum 40 card decks. Basic lands will be provided by the Game Center.

    Following deck construction, players will participate in three swiss-paired rounds. Each round will be 50 minutes and the matches will be best of 3.

    Players will receive one Unfinity draft booster pack per match win. If you receive 0 wins, you will still receive one Unfinity draft booster pack for participating.

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