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10/15 - Original Dominaria Draft @ 2pm

10/15 - Original Dominaria Draft @ 2pm

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    Join us for a Flashback Draft of the original Dominaria! We have exactly one Draft Booster Box available so the draft will be hard capped at 8 players.

    Date: Saturday, October 15th

    Time: 2pm

    Entry Fee: $30

    8 players will have 50 minutes to draft and construct their draft decks. Then players will play 3 swiss paired rounds. Each round will be best of 3 and last 50 minutes.


    Players will receive a Dominaria pack for each match win. The player who receives no match wins will be awarded a set booster pack of their choice ($4.99).

    The player that wins all three rounds will also receive $20 in store credit for winning the pod.


    All prizing presumes a full pod of 8 drafters and is subject to minor adjustments depending on attendance.

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