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10/15 MTG Learn to Play! @ 1pm

10/15 MTG Learn to Play! @ 1pm

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    The Magic: the Gathering community here at Owl Central Games is by far our largest in-store play community. We’re quite proud of the little MTG family that we’ve built here and we want to make sure as many people as possible have the opportunity to access it. It’s hard to know where to begin your MTG journey and we’d like to help. We’re excited to announce our first MTG Learn to Play event! This event is designed for folks 13 or older, so bring a friend or family member along.

    Date: Saturday 10/15

    Time: 1pm

    Entry Fee: $10

    Each participant will receive a 60 card Starter Deck to play with for the afternoon. Everyone will also receive a Welcome BoosterPack and a bonus Booster Pack of their choice at the end of the event. Participants will be guided through an 18 minute learn to play video, as well as a turn by turn training on how to play your first game of Magic: the Gathering. After the teaching portion, we’ll host an afternoon of free play where staff will facilitate games, answer questions, and help folks along!

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