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11/07 Sunday Magic Casual Commander Pods w/in-game Achievement Points @ 4pm

11/07 Sunday Magic Casual Commander Pods w/in-game Achievement Points @ 4pm

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    This is an event ticket redeemable for November 7th Sunday Magic Casual Commander Pods w/in-game Achievement Points @ 1pm.  This event is capped at 24 players total.  This is a non refundable item.  

    Players need to be present before 3:55pm to check in.  This event will start promptly at 4pm.  Players who are late by 5 minutes will be given a loss.

    This format is Multiplayer Commander.  Pods will be built to accommodate groups of four or as close as possible.  All players will receive 1 pack at the end of the game with the winner receiving 2 additional packs for a total of 3 packs to the winner.  Players will also be able to complete in-game Achievements to earn points that are redeemable for store credit at the end of the game at a 1:1 basis.  The following Achievements are available for players to score:

    +3/+2/+1/+1 Order of Elimination (1st place will win 3 points, 2nd will win 2 points, all other players will receive 1 point; updated)

    +1 First Blood (Combat Damage)

    +1 Cast your Commander 4+ times

    +1 Save another player from losing

    +1 Commander Damage Victory

    +1 Reduce a Player's Life Total to 1 (new)

    -1 Killing everyone in the same turn

    -1 Killing a player before Turn 5

    -1 Taking more than 2 consecutive extra turns (new; repeatable)

    -1 Searching for 40s (and every 30s after; repeatable)

    -1 Not casting your Commander

    *All achievements can only be obtained once unless noted as repeatable.

    In addition to achievements, each pod will have a best sportsmanship award voted on by all players in the pod. The player who receives the most votes will get an extra +1 point. Each player will vote secretly at the end of the match and can't vote for themselves :)

    At the end of the Month (November 28th) The player who has accumulated the most points for October will receive a Set Booster Box of Innistrad: Crimson Vow, the player with the second most points will receive a Playmat.

    If you have any questions please call 610-929-2137.


    Please have your order number ready to check in for this event when you arrive to help us keep a smooth event for everyone!

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