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12/02 Holiday Charity Event

12/02 Holiday Charity Event

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    Date: 12/02

    Time: 1:00pm

    Player Cap: 20


    Owl Central is honored to take part in the Yugioh Holiday Charity Event! This yearly event allows the Yugioh community and OTS Stores to help the local community by offering food to a food drive!

    Each Duelist will need to bring in 5 food items (minimum of 10.5 oz with an expiration date no sooner than 3/1/2024), but are encouraged to bring more if they choose. 5 food items will be exchanged for Star Chips to use during the event. Any food items donated over the required 5 will not get you more Star Chips, they are simply an additional donation!

    Tournament structure will be 4 rounds of Advanced Constructed, with each Duelist putting one of their Star Chips on the table. The winner of the duel gets their opponent's Star Chip. Each round is best of three and 45 minutes.

    At the end of the 4 rounds, Duelists will turn in their Star Chips to receive one random Yugioh Booster for each Chip, with a maximum of 9 Chips. This means that every participant will still have one Chip at the end, so will get at least one pack!

    Come round out the year with Owl Central and help the local community!

    For any questions regarding event details, please message Owl staff on our Discord Server, reach out on Facebook or Twitter, or send us an email at events@owlcentralgames.com



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