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5/14 Astral Radiance Pre-Release Event @ 1pm

5/14 Astral Radiance Pre-Release Event @ 1pm

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    This item is for one (1) entry into the Pokemon Astral Radiance Prerelease on Saturday, May 14th at 1pm. Participants will receive an Astral Radiance Build and Battle Kit as well as a supply of Basic Energy to build their deck with. Players will then play three (3) rounds with the deck they've created.

    At the end of the final round players will receive prizes based on their record.

    3 wins = 6 booster packs

    2 wins = 4 booster packs

    1 or fewer wins = 2 booster packs

    Your head judge and tournament organizer will be the esteemed, Will Post!


    Folks who are not intending to play in this pre-release celebration event are discouraged from purchasing this item.