Pioneer Super $2K this Saturday, June 25th.  Early Registration saves $5!
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7/16 MTG Store Championships - Modern Super $2K

7/16 MTG Store Championships - Modern Super $2K

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    Owl Central Games is proud to host a WPN Premium Event: The Store Championship! As a WPN Premium location, we’ve been awarded special prize support to offer to our wonderful and dedicated player base.

    This year’s Store Championship will take place on Saturday July 16th and the tournament format will be Modern.

    ***MTG Melee will be the platform used to administer the event. After paying for your registration, you must also sign up to the MTG Melee Tournament. This is a Competitive Rules Enforcement Level event and will require the submission of decklists. Decklists may be submitted through MTG Melee in advance, or submitted by paper at the Game Center. Online decklists through MTG Melee HIGHLY encouraged.***

    Location: Owl Central Games: 250 Manor Ave, Millersville, PA.
    Entry Fee: $55 day of. $50 for pre-registrants.
    Doors open: 10am
    Registration ends: 10:55 am
    Tournament Begins: 11:00 am

    ***Players that arrive at the Game Center for check-in after registration closes at 10:55am may still play in the event with a Round 1 loss. This will be strictly enforced to ensure the tournament runs smoothly. There will be no refunds for players who pre-pay but arrive late for check-in.***

    Players will compete in Swiss paired rounds with a cut to Top 8 to determine prizes.

    The Prize Pool for Top 8 is a guaranteed minimum of $2K in store credit. The Prize Pool will increase by $50 for each player beyond the 40th. 

    Top 8 prizing will be as follows

    1st Place - 40% of Entry Fees (Minimum $800) + Dark Confidant Promo

    2nd Place - 20% of Entry Fees (Minimum $400) + Archmage’s Charm Promo

    3rd/4th Place - 10% of Entry Fees (Minimum $200) + Archmage’s Charm Promo

    5th-8th Place - 5% of Entry Fees (Minimum $100) + Archmage’s Charm Promo

    All participants who don’t place in the Top 8 will receive a Flame Slash Store Championship Promo.

    All prizes are listed in store credit which can be spent at our Game Center and Players may take a cash option for 75% of the store credit value won.

    For any questions regarding event details, please message Owl staff on our Discord Server, reach out on Facebook or Twitter, or send us an email at


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