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7/28 FaB For Everyone - Armory Event @ 6:30pm

7/28 FaB For Everyone - Armory Event @ 6:30pm

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    Owl Central Games is excited to introduce: FaB for Everyone! - A new, community driven Armory Event.

    Beginning in July, our Armory Event night will now be a multi-format event, where players can play their choice of format and where new players can come and learn the game. Our goal is to ensure that all community members are included and have equal access to the formats they want to play.


    Start time: 6:30pm

    Entry Fee: $10


    Each player will get their full entry fee returned to them in store credit. All event participants, regardless of chosen format, will have an equal chance at winning the Cold Foil Armory Event promo as well as Armory Event playmats. Participants who don’t win the drawing will all receive the month’s Armory Event promos for coming out and having fun!


    The available formats include: Classic Constructed, Blitz, Ultimate Pit Fight, and Commoner. Upon paying your entry fee, players will be asked to put their name down for the formats they prefer to play. Players will then be seated with others who chose the same format, and loosely structured play will commence!


    Blitz pods will be paired for 4 rounds

    Commoner pods will be paired for 4 rounds

    CC pods will be paired for 3 rounds

    UPF pods can be re-podded up to 2 or 3 times, depending on player demand


    Players are encouraged to bring decks for multiple formats in case your top choice doesn’t have enough players to launch.


    ***Armory Event 3x XP Multiplier will be applied to the format that has the most attendance***


    Our resident Learn to Play guru, Berto, will also be available to help new players learn the game, either with Commoner decks, Blitz decks, or Ira Welcome Decks, provided by the store. Learn to Play participants must also pay the $10 Entry Fee and will receive store credit and entry into the Armory Event promo giveaways.


    For any questions regarding event details, please message Owl staff on our Discord Server, reach out on Facebook or Twitter, or send us an email at events@owlcentralgames.com




    P.S. For any Limited lovers wondering why Limited isn’t included - that’s because we gave FaB Draft its own day! Beginning in July, join us every Saturday at 5pm to Draft Uprising!

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