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  • Preorder Today! Available on Saturday, June 10 2023

    $60.00 $50.99 save 15% New
    Enter the Mirrored City with this perfect starter set for Warhammer Underworlds Everything you need to play: dice, cards, tokens, boards, and two warbands of push-fit models, no glue or paint neede... read more

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  • Preorder Today! Available on Saturday, June 10 2023

    $29.00 $24.99 save 13% New
    Become a vessel for untold power with this Rivals deck for Warhammer Underworlds Includes 33 new cards, usable in Rivals, Nemesis, and Relic games For use by any warband, allowing those from past s... read more

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  • $74.99 $69.99 save 6% New

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  • $74.99 $69.99 save 6% New

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  • $55.00 $46.99 save 14% Brand New
    A complete guide to the armies of the Seraphon All the rules you'll need to bring cold-blooded order to the Mortal Realms A wealth of reptilian artwork, background lore, paint guides, and more

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  • $60.00 $50.99 save 15% New
    Fast and ferocious mounted warriors for your Seraphon army Builds three Aggradon Lancers, armed with celestite spears or clubs Customise both riders and steeds with loads of cosmetic and command op... read more

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  • $45.00 $38.99 save 13% New
    A totem-carrying saurus hero for your Seraphon army Raise the mighty astrolith, an arcane relic of the Old Ones Channel the power of Azyr to infuse your warriors with celestial might

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  • $85.00 $72.99 save 14% New
    An ancient and powerful wizard to command your Seraphon army Customise your Starmaster with different arms, accessories, attendants, and more Harness the wisdom of the Old Ones to unleash a barrage... read more

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