Pioneer Super $2K this Saturday, June 25th.  Early Registration saves $5!

Super $2K

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What is a Super $2K?

OCG’s Super $2Ks are tournament events with a guaranteed minimum prize pool of two thousand dollars for the top 8 players of the tournament. Prizes are awarded in Owl Central Games store credit which can be spent at our tournaments, in our Game Center in Millersville, PA, or online at Players may also accept their prizes in cash at 75% of the store credit value.

Our Super $2K Tournaments are held off-site, approximately 15 minutes away from our Game Center. Each Super $2K event will be held at the following location for the remainder of 2021:

301 Main St. Landisville, PA 17538

Always Buying and Selling

At each of our Super $2k events, we will always have an experienced, professional buyer at our sales booth to purchase your singles or collection. You can also expect to see our curated showcase stock of singles, complete with various format staples to fill out the last few slots for your tournament deck.

Upcoming Events

2/26 Legacy Super $2K


Past Events

10/10 Legacy Super $2K Top 8
10/24 Pioneer Super $2K Top 8 
11/07 Modern Super $2K Top 8
11/21 Innistrad: Crimson Vow Limited Super $1.5K
12/05 Standard Super $2K Top 8
12/19 Modern Super $2K


Meet Your Tournament Organizers

Ken Adams

Ken "Bear" Adams
Ken is one of the founders of Owl Central Games back in 2013 and has decades of experience in MTG Organized Play. As a former Pro Tour player and Buyer at Star City Games, you can expect the highest levels of passion, expertise, and wisdom when it comes to tournament organizing, buying, and selling. He prides himself on providing the best prices on MTG, Pokémon, Flesh and Blood, and YuGiOh products in the region and intends to provide the best competitive tournament events as well.


Adam Bowles

Adam Bowles
The Star City Games Tour wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for Adam’s hard work and deep involvement during it’s fledgling years. From 2009 to 2012, Adam toured the country nearly every weekend running Star City Games events until finally, Adam left SCG to run the Owl Central Games new Game Center in 2015. Adam has been buying and selling cards and organizing events for 20 years and is an integral part of Owl Central Games growth. Fun fact: Despite his hard work in the MTG community, he has also found time to learn game design and hopes to build an Owl Central brand Game Design team one day.



When does the prize pool get beyond $2,000?

Every entrant beyond the 50th will result in the total prize pool raising $40 in store credit.

Wait, where are these events held??

We've expanded our play area at the Owl Central Games Center and will be hosting these events in our store at 250 Manor Ave. Millersville, PA 17551.

What are y’alls Covid practices?

While we do not mandate vaccine requirements for these tournaments, we do require that all players and personnel wear masks indoors at all times to protect the most vulnerable members of our community.

What are the prize payouts for Top 8?

Top 8 prizing will be as follows:
1st Place - 40% of Entry Fees (Minimum $800)
2nd Place - 20% of Entry Fees (Minimum $400)
3rd/4th Place - 10% of Entry Fees (Minimum $200)
5th-8th Place - 5% of Entry Fees (Minimum $100)
All prizes are listed in store credit and players may take a cash option for 75% of the store credit value won.

What time do these events start?

Doors open at 10am on event day and registration closes promptly at 10:55am to ensure a timely start at 11:00am. The tournaments are run as Competitive REL through Wizards Event Link and tardiness will be penalized according to WoTC tournament regulations.

What happens if I’m registered but arrive late to the tournament?

If you think you may be showing up late, give us a call at 610-929-2137 to let us know.  If you're unable to make it in time for the first round you will still be able to enter the event with a first round loss if you still wish to participate.

Double Masters 2022 Releases July 8th!
Double Masters 2022 Releases July 8th!
Double Masters 2022 Releases July 8th!
Double Masters 2022 Releases July 8th!
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